As an industry leader, Triangle Steel demonstrates its commitment to health and safety. We are founding members of the MHSA partners program and COR recipients.  

Triangle Steelís foremost concern is the protection of the health and safety of all employees. We have adopted policies and procedures that are aimed at ensuring that Triangle Steel meets and exceeds all applicable health and safety laws and regulations as well as prevailing industry standards.  

We strive to fully implement all safety policies and procedures and focus on prevention through Triangle Steelís Safety Program.  

This training assists employees in becoming more efficient and effective in their jobs and contributes to a safe and productive workplace. The management and employees of Triangle Steel share the responsibility and rewards of creating a safe, healthy and productive workplace.  

Health & Safety Policy 

Triangle Steelís Health and Safety Policy Manual provides a reference for all Triangle Steel employees as well as customer and sub-contractors who operate with Triangle Steel. The policies are designed to educate all employees and enable them to conduct their business in an acceptable manner at any job site.